Track, reduce & offset the climate impact
of your company’s food purchases
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Greenswapp calculates & visualizes the total carbon footprint of your food products &
recipes so you can confidently claim their sustainability benefits to your customers. Then
get your products certified by recognized eco-labels with the click of a button.
Align with the
Paris Climate
Greenswapp helps you set “Science-Based Targets” so
you know how much & how quickly you need to reduce
carbon emissions to stay below the recommended
“carbon budget” set at the Paris Climate Accord.

Then, you can follow our step-by-step
recommendations to reduce impact & reach those
Reduce impact
See which ingredients, recipes, product categories,
and suppliers are the biggest carbon emissions
contributors so that you can make as few changes as
possible to your business, with the largest impact
your impact
Be transparent about the impact of the food you serve,
and help your customers make better decisions -
whether you’re a restaurant, caterer, food brand,
retailer or wholesaler.
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neutral today
Support the carbon offsetting projects that your
customers care about. Sign up for monthly billing and
receive up to a 15% discount on your total offset costs.
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